Do Natural Hair Salons Charge to Much?

My birthday is this month and I really want to do something different with my hair. I’m in no mood at all to style it myself and I’m thinking of either adding extensions (kinky twist) or just doing something fly with my own hair. The last time I’ve been to a salon was back in 2004 that’s about 7 years and that was before I became natural. I’ve been looking up natural hair salons in my area and I’ve found just about a handful. They only thing that is turning me off are the prices. Seems as if natural hair salons charge more than regular salons. I don’t think I’m up to paying $200 for a hairstyle when were in a recession and for that price I mind as well do it myself. I do understand that doing natural hair is somewhat a specialty but at the same time I’m trying to save money.

Do you think natural hair salons prices are too high?


8 thoughts on “Do Natural Hair Salons Charge to Much?

  1. I also think they pay too much. I would like to be pampered and have a hair stylists do my hair, but if that means paying $60 for something I could do free at home, I hesitate. I really want to get my hair done right now, but I’m on a student budget, so I may have to be patient, just wait, and keep styling my hair myself for the moment.

    • I agree if I could do it myself I mind as well just do it. But like you said I want to be pampered also lol. But I’m on a budget as well and $200 is just way too much.

  2. Yes, they charge too much. I think they take advantage of the fact that there still aren’t that many natural hair salons around. They are playing off the myth that “natural hair is harder to take care of.” Also, they know that Black women will pay loads of money for their hair.

    I have found it better to go to a regular salon and try to find a stylist that can do natural hair, as opposed to a salon that specializes in natural hair. Everyone else around you may be getting a relaxer, but at least your hair is being done for a fair price.

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