Business Diary #1: Loneliness is the issue

In an effort to create more diverse content on Charcoal Ink, as seen from the survey results, I will be sharing a lot more of my business journey. In between all the posts I write for Charcoal Ink, I am very much trying to be a sole trader with digital marketing services that I am selling to B2B clients.

What I have been learning:

There are really lots of things I have learned since starting this sole trader journey, and a key thing is that loneliness is one of the hardest things to overcome. I spend a lot of my time looking for new clients through cold contacting people through email and I will have to start cold calling again too. Each cold email I sent to a business owner is manually sent, not through Mail Merge or buying lists. I find all the business details and personally email them. From this, I have gotten some business from paying clients and I remember the first paying client I received this autumn, it was great to know someone paid me to do that.

One thing I have learned is it takes way longer to land a client, do the job and get paid than it does to write your goals down on paper. Mix this with feeling lonely because you spend the majority of your time working alone, and especially as I am in Tanzania not close to anything which is familiar which is all in the UK, things are actually very difficult.

I do really want to be a successful businesswoman but I am finding it hard to connect with people who have the same motivation as me, and moreover people who understand how difficult this is. I don’t really feel like my family understand what I am trying to execute, and I don’t really get that with other people either.

How do I combat this?

Tally: have worked for 10+ paying clients


2 thoughts on “Business Diary #1: Loneliness is the issue

  1. First off let me say that I’m very proud of you and your accomplishments. You are such an inspiration to me! Not only do you work hard but you never let anything get in the way of your goals, although you may be rejected at times you still push to move forward. Yes, you’ve been able to get 10 clients but 10 is better than none it’s a good start. Everyone is not going to understand what your going through or be able to relate to you, but do note their are people out there that can relate like myself. So if you ever need to talk, need advice, or an opinion I am here. I am very happy with your progress and only wish more for you. Keep up the good work!!

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