Natural of the Week: Alice

Alice, 20, from the United States of America is a student who writes the popular blog, Diary of a Kinky Curly Transitioner. She tells us about her natural hair journey in this feature.

1) Why did you go natural?

I moved for school and the hard water and freezing weather of my new home destroyed my texturizer. Going to another salon petrified me: what if they relaxed it straight by accident! On top of that fear, I was a student who needed to spend her hair touch-up money on books, printing, food, etc.

Unlike my home town, I found myself surrounded by women with beautiful, versatile (I love changing my look as my addiction to coloring my hair proves), strong, healthy kinks and curls. Seeing them really convinced me that going natural was something I wanted to try.

2) What were your family’s reaction to you going natural?

My family actually WANTED me to Big Chop earlier than I did. When I was leaving for school, my Dad practically begged me to cut my hair so I would “focus more on my studies instead of looking cute!” Most of my family loved my TWA but I had some negative reactions from a few aunts.

3) What impact has going natural had on your professional life?

Hasn’t helped or hindered. I haven’t been discouraged from wearing my hair natural when it comes to job interviews either. The main thing I’ve been told is “look professional” which, in my opinion, does not have to include bone straight hair.

4) What trends do you think will happen in the natural hair industry, i.e will Afros be popular or twist outs?

I think we are going to see more products being marketed to natural haired women for more reasonable prices and more products available on the ground. Two years ago it was almost impossible to find good and reasonably priced products that you didn’t have to pay ridiculous shipping for. Now, you can find big names like Miss Jessies, Jane Carter and Kinky Curly in local stores and huge corporations like Tresemme and Pantene have come out with all natural lines that have been getting rave reviews from the natural community.

In terms of style trends, I don’t see the afro becoming as popular as the twist out. The negative stigma associated with the afro and the damage from wearing your hair picked out all the time will probably scare people away from it.

5) What has the reaction been for you with men – does your boyfriend like your hair?

I haven’t gotten negative reactions from any potential partners. Actually, I think MORE people are flirting with me now that my hair is natural.

6) What is your hair aspiration/goal?

I’d like a twist out that’s as big as Sabina Karlsson’s. We will see if I’m willing to detangle my hair when it’s that long though!

7) Do you think more women will go natural?

I think more women will be going natural. Since there are so many resources online, I feel like the “but I don’t know HOW to take care of my hair!” excuse is going to die out soon. The benefits of going natural are more clearly documented too. You can literally see bloggers hair growing their videos and posts and how much healthier their hair has become since going natural.

What do you think of Alice’s hair? Tell us in the comments. It’s so beautiful, you know it would drive the Hair Mad Hatter crazy with jealousy! For more, check out her blog here.


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