Do not make excuses

…about why we are not the majority holders of the black hair care industry. More after the Bambi leap:

Fight for your right

The fact that most black people are not decision makers in the black hair care industry rightfully fucks quite a few people off. However, I have noticed that actually we have a lot to pick up the slack for. According to this link, the black hair care industry in the United States is worth $9bn, which is about £6bn. This is probably going to be even more in emerging markets such as Africa & Brazil, where there are millions of black women who care about their hair to a large extent. It is time for us to be gonzo and hardcore about how we approach being part of the black hair care industry.

I used to think I wanted to be part of it, and make my own products, but I will leave that to the professionals who I have interviewed on Charcoal Ink before. The Black, Natural & In Business series highlights just how important it is to be involved in business as a black woman, and as a natural.

It’s your choice

The other day, I was having a discussion with some family members about the rise of Chinese people emigrating to Tanzania to launch car businesses. Some people resent this. I most certainly do not. As the world becomes more and more globalised, we all have the right to go anywhere we want and launch any business we want. If you are gonzo, barking mad but focused, no one can tell you that you cannot launch a black hair care company — and why shouldn’t you? You are the target audience.

Move on

In order for black people to have greater chunks of the pie, it is time to move away from talking about why there aren’t that many blacks in hair care management positions, and change the whole outlook by creating your own businesses where you are at the top running things. This does many things: new hair care brands create movements, new consumer confidence, encites trends and causes consumers to part with their money. Miss Jessie’s is a great example of this.

I am a really strong believer in the power of business as being the only way to move on up black people throughout the world. As the hair industry is worth £6bn, I am sure we will see loads of innovators in this space.

Most importantly – what do you think? As stakeholders of the black hair industry, be heard on Charcoal Ink, and comment!

[Image first seen here, then chopped & styled by me]


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