Natural of the Week: Tijwanna Williams

*Where are you from? Augusta, Georgia (United States)
*Age: 27
*Your profession: Community Relations for Phoenix Taco, LLC

1) Why did you go natural?

I was tired of the wear and tear from relaxers. When I stress, my hair was always the first thing to shed or break off. I really just wanted healthy hair and a new look.

2) What were your family’s reaction to you going natural?

My mom was right on board! She also did her BC the same time I did, shortly after she’d learned she had breast cancer. We grew our hair out together. My sister had already been natural for about 3 years. Everyone else in my family had to get used to it, but they love it now!

3) What impact has going natural had on your professional life?

Not a lot of impact at all. I don’t usually get a lot of stares or comments on my hair at work. I’d already been on my job for half a year once I decided to go natural. I’ve managed to wear my hair very professional in the worklplace, except for those days when I feel like a rebel!

4) What trends do you think will happen in the natural hair industry, i.e will Afros be popular or twist outs?

I think that it just depends on the person. Afros, twistouts, TWAs… I think they all are already pretty trendy and will remain that way. Since this is the texture of hair that we grow out of our heads, it’s not really a style that you can get away from unless you really want to.

5) What has the reaction been for you with men – does your boyfriend like your hair?

*Laughing* I don’t currently have a boyfriend, but the guys that I have dated stress how much they love my natural hair and running their fingers through it. I think that with any hairstyle, if you are confident about your look, others (even the men) will also like your style.

6) What is your hair aspiration/goal?

I want to have “big hair”. I can’t wait to have a fro with tons of length that I can twist and curl and wear fiercely! My main goal is to just maintain healthy hair. My hair has not grown this fast since I was a little girl and I love it! I want to learn how to do more styles and coordinate more looks with my natural hair.

7) Do you think more women will go natural?

Absolutely! Not necessarily because they want healthy hair, but because it’s the trend. I think that once more women get past the fear of big chops and transitioning (that’s the hard part for most it seems), more women will definitely began to wear their hair in its natural state.

Thanks to Tijwanna for taking part in this interview. Check out her YouTube page here.


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