Is that really your hair?

Yes, it is. More after the gallop.

Today, I went to the local hair shop (no names) to see if they had any coconut oil. They had some lame American-wannabee brands there, but I thought I would give it a go. I spoke to the shop assistant and you could not pick out the hair products for yourself; you had to ask someone to do it for you.

I was looking at the olive oil and asked how much it was.

Shop Assistant: Is that your hair?

Me: Yes

Shop Assistant proceeds to tell me that this tiny tub of olive oil is 20,000 Tshs which is about £9! What a ridiculous rip off. I could barely believe my ears. Even more ridiculous is the fact that she asked me if it was my hair. Well of course it is! What on earth is going on with some black women in the hair and retail industry? Get your act together for your consumers!

I created that Teyana Taylor spread above because I wanted to highlight a question: why the questions if it is a girl’s hair. I know many people were curious about whether it is Teyana’s hair – to my knowledge, that is her hair, and while mine is definitely not as long as hers in any shape or form, it annoys me that someone in the actual hair industry thinks it is acceptable to ask a customer or a mteja as the Tanzanians call a customer, if that is her real hair.

Always assume it is unless the customer reveals otherwise.

Definitely the fail of the day! What do you all think?

[Image Source]/[Image Design by Kagem Tibaijuka]


3 thoughts on “Is that really your hair?

  1. Actually that isn’t her real hair length or texture, she has neck length, relaxed hair. But I love love the styles and extensions she pulls off. I agree it is very tacky to ask someone if that is there hair or not though.

  2. I agree…asking a customer if their hair is real is tacky. And what if it isn’t? Now you’ve just embarassed her and possibly lost a sale.

    I admit, however, that I can understand why you might get questioned. If we’re being honest here, I would say that the majority of black women we see with long hair are weaved up.

    As a hair obsessed black woman, yes, I frequent the hair blogs/sites, read the books, etc so I do know that we can grow our own hair.

    It may be insulting if someone asked you but when that’s what you’re used to seeing, that’s probably what you assume.

    As for Teyana, that’s not her hair. There’s actually a picture floating around the Internet that shows her real hair. Either way, she loks fab.

    • I definitely agree with a lot of what you said, I think how flagrant it was bothered me most than anything. It’s okay to be curious but handle your business perspective first!

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