Protect Your Hair From The Cold

As you know parts of the world are experiencing this little thing we call winter. For those of you who are not in winter wonderland consider yourself lucky. There’s nothing more annoying than having the cold winter winds blow thru your hair and not knowing what to do with it. I believe winter is the best time to let your hair rest or in other words let it hibernate so it can grow. Since October I’ve either had my hair covered with a hat or rocking a protective style so here are my 3 tips to protect your hair from the winter cold.

1. Protective Styles – Winter is the best time to try something new when it comes to protective styles. I say your best bet is to add some extensions. Try braids, kinky twist, yarn twist, plaits anything that puts less stress on your hair. Did I mention that with the added extensions not only are you protecting your hair but the extra hair helps the head contain warmth. Take it from me after taking out my long yarn twist I could really feel the difference in the temperature. If you’re not into extensions you can always twist your own hair or wear it in a bun.

2. Hats – Winter is also the time you want to rock a hat. Yes, hats help retain the heat but they also protect your hair from the harsh winter winds. Especially if your hair suffers from lack of moisture the cold only adds on to that making your hair dry and brittle. When wearing hats make sure you stay away from fabrics like wool it tends to pull on the hair and snag it. So before walking out the door make sure you have a hat on your head.

3. Oil – I’ve been oiled up when it comes to my hair. I do not step outside without as least putting some type of oil on my hair. Did I mention Apricot oil has been my best-friend for the last month! You have to keep the hair moisturized including the scalp all the way down to the ends. Winter is no joke and will strip your hair down. Apricot oil of course is not the only oil to use, you should use what best fits your hair or do a combination of many.

If you have any tips please share!


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