Kilimanjaro Braids (No Pix)

Last Sunday, my SIL brought a hairdresser to do my hair. She did Kilimanjaro braids (that is what they are called here) which is cornrows on my natural hair that go all the way around your head and are braided the the top. Kind of like a pyramid so you have a ponytail-esque drop at the top. I have no camera so can’t show you them but that’s the best I can describe.

Day 1: Verdict day of getting barnet done

Very nice. I got my hair washed and blow-dried before and the woman did a great job, because my scalp is problematic at best. The hair looked really cute.

Day 3:

Starting to itch a little so put some serum in the hair. The braids still looked nice. One thing I noticed was how stress-free I felt for my hair because I spent all of this week working on my fledging internet business and it was great not to have to worry about my hair

Day 7 (today):
Definitely itching. My problematic scalp is back but the actual style does not look that bad at all.

Verdict: great hairstyle to do again especially if you are busy. I would recommend this for business owners.

I think this is a nice option for protective styling that I will be trying again.


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