Is Natural Hair Just a Trend?

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Earlier this week while having a discussion with my friend about natural hair we discussed if natural hair is now just a trend.  In other words are women going natural because they actually care about what their putting in their hair. Or are they just jumping on the bandwagon because they see everybody else rocking a natural style. It’s very apparent that natural hair has become very popular in the last 3 years. For instance, look at black magazines like Essence they now feature more articles on natural hair and theirs even a page on their site dedicated to natural hair. Also lets not forget that most hair product companies are now focusing on adding more natural ingredients into their products.

So the question is did you become natural because everyone else was doing it? Or were you concern about the healthiness of your hair? Does it even matter?

I know personally for myself with stress and perms my hair was falling out and breaking off and I wanted a healthier solution for my hair and that was to go natural.

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6 thoughts on “Is Natural Hair Just a Trend?

  1. I think that natural hair is a trend, but not “just” a trend. Of course there are ladies out there who see how cool natural hairstyles can be and have jumped on the bandwagon. However, I think there are more women who are “natural for life.” Besides, transitioning to natural hair is something that takes time and patience, so I think it’s less likely to attract casual followers. Those types are probably wearing afro-textured wigs and weaves.

    But in my opinion, all these women going natural is a great thing, regardless of the reasons. Some of the ones who did it for fashion reasons might end up staying that way.

    • Aisha I see your point in a sense natural hair is a trend. I agree natural hair is a great thing regardless of the reasoning behind it.

  2. At the time I was going natural, there was no mentioning of natural hair becoming the new age era. In fact I still felt like an odd ball because my fellow sisters were getting started more with the locs as a form of being natural. I think it was on the tips of the wings of this hair phenemonon underway with the push for organic and natural hair care, hair, and everything along the same road. People would look at me strangely because I did not have my hair permed. My decision was solely based on not wanting to return to anymore salons for relaxers and paying all this money for keep ups. I said heck with it one day. Never looked back.
    For some people natural hair has become the latest fad but I really believe that this push is more a natural hair movement. There are lots of women throughout this world in sync through youtube channel, hair boards, blogs, editorials, etc who are spreading the word and teaching each other how to still feel beautiful without chemical treatments (if being your preference). If it was just a fad, I do not think many women will spend much of their time online reading about products, researching on best ingredients for your hair, sharing conversation about hair, or writing to inform others about hair. I think some hair companies have jumped on the bandwagon because they too see the push for natural and organic care whether it be the hair, body, or diet. I think all of this is spinning on the palm of being and living eco. I personally don’t find anything wrong with bring awareness along as it is for good intentions and not all for profit. I happen to enjoy there is hair care moving away from unsafe ingredients.

    • Well said. I totally agree with you. I believe that women are becoming more aware that their are healthier solutions for their hair. We now don’t have to look at getting perms as the only solutions for us wearing are hair. I know many women said they’ve gotten perms because they didn’t know how to deal with their hair in it’s natural state. But now that women are becoming more educated and inform on products and different styles they can now wear their hair naturally.

      • Thank you Memphiz 🙂 I think you also brought up a good point that we have learned that the only way to wear our hair was relaxed because we have been tought straight is more beautiful and easier. Yet some of us never recognized the damaged chemicals were doing not only to our hair but possibly to our bodies. There is an interesting article called the Truth About Relaxers on Though our hair may at time feel not easy to deal with, the fact we can put forth effort to still care for it and even love it is beautiful. I am really glad styles are versatile for us naturals.

        • I read the article you were talking about on skinbiology very interesting. I didn’t even know how it was invented until I read the article. Also I never realized how many chemical and how strong the chemicals were and I never understood the difference between lye and no lye relaxers. Thanks for the good read.

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