Is a Natural (Black) Hair Social Network the future of natural hair online?

Wow, I just saw the social network today. It is a brilliant film, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It got me thinking about the ascent of the natural hair movement, which was born out of digital (no figures to prove that, lol). I think blogs and natural hair videos and twitter feeds can co-exist, but I also think the social network-isation of natural hair is going to explode, if it has not already.

  • The Long Hair Care Forum: I had a run in with this forum when a user uploaded a picture of hair I did and then linked back to the blog, and another user slagged me off. Vintage Charcoalies will remember that episode. I think this forum has been going on for ages, so I would count it as a hair social network, albeit not just for natural hair girls
  • Naturally Curly: According to this press release, Naturally Curly is ‘the leading social network and community site for people with curly, wavy and kinky hair’. I think this is probably the best example of the most successful black hair network as it has 450,000 monthly users.

Would you join a social network to discuss hair? I suppose I am part of the old guard more. I love going on people’s blogs such as Kandeezie’s and looking at how she tends to her beautiful hair, or hearing about Memphiz‘ awesome posts on Charcoal Ink and furthermore reading other women’s hair blogs. I suppose I am biased to a certain extent because I have been blogging since ’06, but at the same time, I know that the community element of hair social networks is in many ways just like Facebook: addictive and amazing to be on when you are in the mood.

What do you think of hair social network and community forums? They work for the personal finance space well, but will users get bored and want to have their own platform such as a tumblr or a blog?


4 thoughts on “Is a Natural (Black) Hair Social Network the future of natural hair online?

  1. Social network sites are very useful, but I prefer reading and commenting on blogs. To me blogs have a “cozier” vibe. I am more comfortable commenting and I feel it’s easier to get to know people.

    I feel like on regular sites, there are just too many people and personality clashes, some tend to dominate the conversations, etc.

    • I agree with Aisha. When you are on a hair social network, you get lost with all the threads and trying to establish a connection fully with all members. Versus you come to someone’s blog often they will get to know you on a more personal level and can extend a lot of your self in the support. I do like to visit hair boards because there is good information to be found and read what others are doing that could be a good tip for you.

  2. You know I think though we have natural hair forums, many of us are also bloggers, twitterers, and youtubers. We have various styles to our social networking not just on hair either. I do enjoy this social network for online natural hair communities and bloggers because you would learn something unheard of or new to use for your hair care regimen. It is also all a supportive effort for all hair types in general regardless if you are a natural or not. I enjoy blogging myself but I have a profile on I think this community is huge with various ethnicities and hair types. Since online seems to be the way of the world, I am sure it will only grow from this standpoint into the future. Next they may have us all interfacing in one chatroom through our webcams while we are commenting to each other. I know this sounds a bit creepy, but I know there are sites to have this like Skype to see one another. I like this post because it does give us a reason to think.

    And you’re right I do enjoy reading one another’s blogs. It is more personal and special I think. Plus going on boards you have to constant click threads. Btw British Curlies newsletter said that Miss Jessie’s is having a Buy 1 and Get one Free I think sale going on right now. I know they are introducing new lines like Hair Veda and Darcy’s Botanicals. FYI UK Ladies. 😉

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