I Whip My Yarn Back and Forth

So at first I hated my yarn twist because they actually looked too much like yarn (go figure) and not like real hair. But after wearing them for a couple of weeks they look a lot better. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments and a lot of women asking me how much I charge to do yarn twist.  Unfortunately I never really looked into doing others hair nor do I have the time but the extra money would really help, but first I would have to practice on someone else (I have a lot volunteers). In fact my mother likes my hair so much she wants me to do her hair so I guess she’ll be my first victim.

For maintaining my hair I use a spray bottle three times a day with a combination of water of course and apricot oil. On top of that I make sure to oil my scalp at least two times a day because my scalp gets very dry in the winter. Mainly I’ve been wearing my hair straight  down or in a pony-tail since I’ve been busy working. I plan to curl the yarn using the hot water technique some time this week. Other than that I’m really liking my hair and would do it again. I think next time I would find a color that matches my real hair color.


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