Two Celebrities I’m Happy Upgraded Their Hair Just A Bit …

I know I generally talk about natural hair but sometimes I like to talk about hair period especially celeb hair since most of us get are hair style ideas from them. Today I want to talk about two celebrities that have recently changed their hair. I’ve written post on both of them in the past on their drastic hair color change, those celebs being Rihanna and Amerie.

1. I have to be honest I’m still not thrilled about Rihanna’s bright red hair color but I will say I’m happy her weave looks better. I don’t know if it was just me but her first weave just looked a mess the texture of the hair seemed too rough, bushy and wiry. I am so happy this chile got a better weave it’s a lot smoother and the texture of it looks a whole lot better. Can you tell the difference?

2. I’m wondering did Amerie visit Charcoal Ink because 77 of you voted on her blonde hair color and out of those 77 votes 51 of you said you did not like her blonde hair color. If you havent seen her in the media lately I am happy to announce Amerie has changed her hair color back to black. Now let me say I’m not mad at her for trying something new you never know if something is going to work unless you try it, but I am happy she changed back to black because the color really works for her.


6 thoughts on “Two Celebrities I’m Happy Upgraded Their Hair Just A Bit …

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  2. I personally do not like Rihanna long weave. Though I do not have problem with firey red color, I am not sure if this color is for her per se. I know Rihanna likes to keep things edgy. I prefer seeing her mohawk, bob, or cropped hair cut than this red weave. On Amerie, I think she looks better with her natural black color. It’s not to say other colors would not fit her, but the blond was too heavy in my opinion. LOL she probably has seen Charcoal Ink’s voting poll. šŸ˜‰ Maybe they should play with digital image to place a color on them or go to a hair shop to put a wig on to see how the color looks before going “all the way.”

    • I agree with you. I really like Rihanna with short hair but the texture of her weave to me looks a lot better. As for Amerie putting a wig on to try different colors is such a good idea I didn’t think of that.

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