Yarn Twist Results

This past Monday I was off and decided to finally do the yarn twist I’ve been talking about forever. I went to my local craft store and bought me some yarn. The yarn I picked out was the Red Heart brand (the most popular and recommended) in a Coffee it was the closest color I could get to my real color. Also the yarn I picked out is 100% acrylic with no dye. It is important that you not pick wool unless you want the yarn to loc with your hair.

For prepping I cut the length I wanted the yarn to be the day before, I used about half the roll of yarn. I started my hair at noon on Monday and before beginning I did a co-wash and made sure my hair was soak and wet. I also had a water bottle mixed with oils to keep my hair wet and moisturizer on the side to help with moisture. I finished at 10pm that night here are my results …

[Click to Enlarge]


I think there okay but I will not be doing them again. I don’t like the color and I don’t like how it doesn’t blend in well, and that’s because my hair color was hard to match with only a few options. I hope they start to look more natural with time. Although I don’t like them I’ve been receiving a lot of compliments people think their dreads.

What do you think?



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