Black, Natural & In Business: Alexandra Smith of Safi Hair Care

Alexandra Smith

Alexandra Smith is the founder of Safi Hair Care, an organic natural hair brand that is growing in popularity with female buyers. In this interview, she gives Charcoal Ink a sneak peak into her world of creating a natural hair care brand.

1) Why did you start Safi Hair Care?

I started Safi on a whim. I wasn’t planning on making products for anyone actually. This business venture started off at a project for my entrepreneur ship class. We had to create a business, logo and business plan. At that time I was newly natural, about 2 months in my journey, and I thought why not create a natural hair line? I researched several words in Swahili and I decided to stick with the word Safi which means pure. I knew that I wanted my “business” to be eco-friendly and that I wanted my “products” to be made from organic and natural ingredients. The day after my presentation I knew I was actually on to something. My idea was no longer just an idea, it was an opportunity. Once I realized that I ran with it and VOILA, Safi was born. I whipped up my first product a week or two later and I started using it. I was in love with my first product, Avocado Shea Butter. Soon my mom and Nana started using it. The word spread throughout my family. Soon after I made a Twitter page and hosted a free sample give away. THAT was intense; I gained 200 followers in less than 7 days. Once the samples were sent my Etsy store opened it sold out within 2 weeks. I was shocked. I now have over 800 twitter followers (@SafiHairCare) and I have a lot of jars of Avocado Shea Butter. My newest product, “Curl Clouds”, is now my best seller. I never imagined that my little thought became a huge hit in the natural hair community. I am truly proud and grateful for all the support and love I have received.

2) What was the vision behind starting SH?

My vision was to make yummy products that smelled nice and consisted of wholesome ingredients.  My slogan is “Made with PURE love” and that is the God’s Honest truth. LOL.

Curlclouds, a signature product from Safi Hair Care

3) Who is your target market?

My target market is anyone with curly hair. No matter what hair type, hair density or curl texture my products are geared toward ALL curly girls. The hair butters also double as body butters; so even if you don’t have naturally curly hair, you can always buy a jar for your body. The Avocado Shea Butter works WONDERS on the feet.

4) What is your most popular product?

Curl Clouds is the new best seller! My older customers still love the Avocado Shea Butter and consider it their staple product but my newer customers prefer the Curl Clouds. That is probably because it’s a little more versatile (styling wise) and it’s fluffier versus the ASB which is very thick and rich.

5) When did you start the business and how hard was it to get it off the ground?

I started my business in October of 2009. It didn’t take long for Safi to take off, thank goodness for Twitter and my blog followers.

6) How many people work in the business?

Just me! I make everything at home in my kitchen. I work alone but sometime I let my 3 year old “help” with the mixing bowl.

7) Is it something you are doing full time?

No, Safi is not my FT gig. I am a college student, mother and employee so I try to fit Safi in where I can. When my Etsy is sold out it can take weeks before I re-stock but luckily I have understanding customers! I really do this for them because without my loyal customers I there would be no point in pursuing Safi. However, once I get my degree I may consider making Safi my FT job. Maybe I will be the next Carols Daughter, who knows? LOL.

8) What do you do in an average day of running Safi Hair Care

Take orders, process them, whip the products up and ship them out. Pretty simple, right?

9) Where do you see Safi Hair Care in the future?

I hope to see Safi in Whole Foods one day. That may be a random thought but I think that my products would fit in the Beauty Section. I am a Whole Foods junkie maybe that is why it’s a goal of mine to see Safi on the shelves. Also, my customers may appreciate the fact that they can get Safi products on the ground and not have to wait for shipping.

What do you think of Safi Hair Care? We think it looks pretty brilliant, let us know in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Black, Natural & In Business: Alexandra Smith of Safi Hair Care

  1. i’ve been here from the moment she first opened up shop and actually got 2 jars! loooove the avocado butters and i cant wait to see whats next 🙂

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