6 observations from a recent visit the Hair Salon

Yesterday, my sister in law (kindly) took me to the hair salon because I had mentioned to my SIL that I would have liked to have gotten a blowdry. [Sadly no pictures as no camera, but I am working on my, my coal miners!] I really love spending time with my SIL and she is really lovely. She took me to a salon which looked non-descript at first (it was called ‘Hair & Nails’). We walked up. The women sized us up from the windows and gave us those searing ‘UP/DOWN/UP’ looks which I always find so curiously weird especially if your arse is running a business.

1. I got a blow-dry. Should stylists really be raking afro combs in your hair with such gusto for a Afro blow-dry? I am not sure. She did a good job but she was combing hard.

2. 5,000 shillings is more than fair price for a blow dry. It’s basically £3 quid so I can barely complain because in the LDN, you are looking at £20 minimum.

3. The hair stylist was friendly and told me that she does not get many customers who have natural hair. She kept smiling as she undid my tiny plaits to comb my hair. That was pleasant and nice, especially after many horrendous salon trips.

4. However, when she finished, my hair was blow-dried but it was still out. Where was the styling? My SIL gave her a push in the right direction and told her to pat the hair down and make it look slightly neater. She did and after a few styling touches of my own to add, my Afro was looking big and dare I say pretty cute. I was impressed.

5. The growth. I did the blow out because I wanted to see how my hair was growing. I think recently I have been whingeing a lot because I have not been taking care of my crown and also it just did not look like it was growing but the blow out shows quite a bit of growth.

6. The left side of my hair has this weird ‘dent’ in it. I think this could be because I sleep on it.

Conclusion: This salon experience was much better than ones I have had before, though I daresay because my SIL was with me, I did not feel as self conscious. When was your most recent salon experiences?

[Please don’t kill me for lack of pictures. My arse needs a new camera for sure].


4 thoughts on “6 observations from a recent visit the Hair Salon

  1. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a salon I would have to say 3 years for myself. We have 2 natural hair salons in my city that I’ve yet to try out I really want to. I also haven’t blown dry my hair in years also, how did the texture of your hair feel afterwards?

    • M, it felt really nice actually! She did not blow dry it straight as I wasn’t after that as I like the poofy Afro look of many blow outs.

      I was impressed but she was a bit hard with the combing.

      The good news is my hair has grown quite a bit. Yay!

  2. I think my last salon visit was over 4 years ago! lol But I do remember it because it was positive. The stylist knew nappy hair and did not seem disgusted/put off by it. She treated my hair very gently and the icing on the cake….she didn’t use any heat *thumbs up* She started on time and had reasonable prices.

    I got a braided frohawk (yup, they were around back in the day lol) and you couldn’t even tell my hair hadn’t been straightened. I actually recommended her to others; I was that impressed.

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