Yes to Carrots Review


I finally tried out the Yes to Carrots conditioner, and I have to say it’s okay. I forgot I had purchased it a month ago and it’s just been sitting in my hair basket. Lately I’ve been wearing my hair out in hopes that sometime next week I can start my Yarn Twist, so I’ve been co-washing everyday. So if I had to rate Yes to Carrots on are star rating I would give it a 3 out of 5. Firstly let me say I love the smell of it, it’s one of my favorites to say the least. I notice that the product made my hair really tightly coiled and thick. I really don’t like when conditioners make my hair thick because my hair is already thick and hard to manage. After my hair dried a bit I notice my hair felt very crunching something I didn’t like. Other than that I would say it’s okay I would actually buy it again.


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