Black, Natural & In Business: Jeri Stone

Jeri Stone is the founder of Sweet Honey Child, an aspirational brand for young black girls. In this interview, California-bred Jeri, who has been natural for more than five years, gives Charcoal Ink an insight into building her brand from scratch and what natural hair means to her.

Jeri Stone, founder of Sweet Honey Child

1) When did you launch the Sweet Honey Child and what was the driving factor behind launching it?

Concerned by my four year old niece’s request for a ‘white only’ Barbie party and challenged by the lack of a selection in the marketplace for African American girls, I decided to make invitations and favors that depicted a little brown cutie. The well received items made me realize that our little darlings need everyday products that reinforce their beauty and importance. Sweet Honey Child was born. That was ten years ago.

2) Describe your brand to us in 5 words:

Celebrating beautifully sweet brown girls.

3) Who would be your ideal spokeswoman for your brand?

The ideal spokeswoman would be India Arie.

4) How many people work in your business at the moment and what would you suggest to naturals who want to build a solid business?

Currently, it is a team of two, myself and a close friend. However, I get plenty support from family when needed.

To other naturals, stay true to yourself and your vision. Please make sure you surround yourself with positive energy/people. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and was told to pursue something that I had a passion for. Experience has shown me that it sometimes take a few tries to figure the ‘passion’ thing out. Don’t give up. Press through with belief as your fuel. You will recognize it when you get there because you will feel motivated beyond the profit.

A product available from Sweet Honey Child

5) Is your business working out financially for the moment?

Yes, my business is taking care of itself at the moment.

6) What are your dreams for Sweet Honey Child in the coming years?

SHC is on a mission to reach and impact the lives of as many girls as possible. The near future involves work with agencies and groups that provide services to/for brown girls. I want to be able to do more sponsoring of events and working directly with girls. Before you know it, my niece that inspired all of this will be reading Sweet Honey Child books to her daughter.

What do you think about Jeri’s business and her natural hai? Let us know in the comments.


7 thoughts on “Black, Natural & In Business: Jeri Stone

  1. What a great post and interview ! Ms. Stone you are such an inspiration and you inspire, my hats off to you. Being a mother of 3 daughters , 2 who are natural. I am in love with the idea, concept and message. I emplore you to keep up the great and much needed work :))

    @charcoal ink…thank you so very much for sharing this great interview with us. Take care.


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