Selita Ebanks Runaway Head-Piece

Selita Ebanks is rocking this look in Kanye West short film Runaway. But what I absolutely love is the head-piece she is wearing. I want it! I don’t know where I would wear it to but I would definitely play dress up with it. Even if the chains were taken off on the side of the head-piece it would still be hot! I tried to find out who made the head-piece but had no luck. What do you think? Would you rock it? Take the poll below.


5 thoughts on “Selita Ebanks Runaway Head-Piece

  1. Though it looks lovely on Selita, I could not see myself rocking it. Perhaps if it was a different styled head piece. Btw has anyone watched Runaway from MTV? Seriously the music is fantastic but Kanye is out there with images, perception/philosophy, etc. The construct of losing something forever and finding something never quite understood-seem rare, unnatural may to others. But beauty to you if you see it as is. I loved how the animals played around Selita in his short film.

    • I am desperate to see Runaway so I can get where Kanye is it. Apparently he is really serious about this fashion thing.

      Is it good?

      Selita’s headpiece is bonkers, honestly, bonkers.

      • I actually linked it in the post click “Runaway”, unless there not allowing you to view it because of your region.

        • I think Kanye is creative and likes to portray unique artistry in music, film writing, and as a whole. After reading some individuals’ coomments, it seems like a love it, hate it sort of view. Personally I think it was interesting, open mindedness, and enlightenment.
          I hope you are able to view the film by clicking on the “Runaway” link in the body of Memphiz post. If not you can always check Youtube to see if someone somehow got access and posted it.

          The design department did wonderful with her feathers and such. They should have made her a natural or put her hair in curls. The table scene was wow.

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