Cheap, Cheerful & Creme de la Creme: Budgeting for Hair

I think money and the financial side of serving your hair is one aspect we do not talk about as much, and this is something we need to work on. I read a report [need to find link] that said that natural hair is increasing as a business interest for companies, and in this regard pricing products for Afro hair is a hot topic for me.

I have come up with a scale of 3 C’s so we can see how to purchase products that fit into our budgets whether you have £10 or £100.

1. Cheap

Brand: Black N Sassy

Cheap does not have to necessarily be a bad thing. I have never used Black N Sassy but I have always seen it in the shops. The price point averages between £3 ($5) and above. [Though, this brand name ‘Black N Sassy’ sounds wildly dated or am I wrong?]

2. Cheerful

Brand: Organic Root Stimulator

ORS is not a discount brand, and I have always noticed this in its pricing. Hair Mayonnaise is £10 ($15), actually and this is something I always need to be reminded about.I think ORS is good for hair mayonnaise, but I don’t feel their other products as much.

I think this would suit you if your hair budget is at around £50 per month.

3. Crème de la Crème

Brand: Miss Jessies

I have never used MJ before, so I can’t comment on whether it works. Creme de la Creme refers to it being a higher end black haircare brand this is definitely reflected in its pricing.16 ounces (help, what is that in metric?) is $38, which is around £26 or so. That IS expensive, but again is it worth it?

I think just because something is expensive does not mean you should purchase it. F it, if I could afford it now, I would purchase it to see.

Where do you fall in with your hair budget: cheap, cheerful or crème de la crème?

You know what to do, comment!


One thought on “Cheap, Cheerful & Creme de la Creme: Budgeting for Hair

  1. For me I like to shop for hair products on a budget whether being cheap or creme de la creme. If it is something I’ve heard works wonder and a little on the pricey side, I could bend if it was really something I wanted. But you’re right because it is expensive does not make it always better. Some of the higher end products has still a lot of chemicals not so good for the hair. There are great “have to have buys” out there on the market for less price. That’s where the research comes in.

    The Black N Sassy is sold often in local beauty stores. I think I own something by this company which I want to think I bought for shine on my wrapped hair. As to say with an attitude, sassseeee. I do not know how often this product is bought. I tend to see a lot of it on shelves. MJ is sold in some Targets nationwide in the US. For those who like may be able to find something at a discounted price.

    Has anyone ever tried Curl Junkies? I was reviewing retail locations on their website and saw that they have a curlies store in the UK. I would like to try some of these products. Heard decent about this line.

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