The Red Hair Look: Does it work?

I am absolutely convinced that red hair is one of those high heeled type looks. It only works if you think it works and if you look absolutely manicured every time you wear it. I think Rihanna at this point is a canvas, and she can execute almost any look well because she has the warderobe and confidence to go with it.

Does it work?: This look works if you work in a creative industry thought; I don’t see female bankers wearing this look to work for some reason.

I really like that Rihanna has softened her image now; the Rated R looks were a bit much to deal with and seemed forced. If it is not broke, don’t fix it.

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “The Red Hair Look: Does it work?

  1. She actually looks really beautiful in this photo and less harsh than she usually does with that black, long on one side cut

  2. In this photograph, I think Rihanna looks edgy and artsy. I think red hair can work for most people but it depends on how deep or bold the pigment of the color. Yes you’re right in a corporate world, they would not accept this hair color worn daily. Luckily Rihanna is in the entertainment world which allows for creativity and personal interest in her style. I think she is one of the beautiful ladies of our modern times. I do think that they have stylists who want them to portray a certain image. I would love to see Rihanna with natural hair. Wondering how she would look rocking a fro. Rihanna is an edgy type to me who likes to push the limits to some degree with her style, persona, and even with music. I think it is OK for me. It’s better on her than the blonde on Amerie.

    • I wonder how Rihanna would look also rocking a natural style but i wonder would she ever go that way. I agree it does look better than the blonde Amerie. Yes and you mos def have to have some artsy style.

      • Something tells me that she would consider being a natural. Then again because of the media and wanting her hair a certain way, who knows. We know she has a hair stylist, how about giving her a natural hair stylist for a change. If we non famous ladies are merging into the natural zone with a few singers and actresses, there should be more us moving to the right direction. Then again I do not like telling others how to do their thing. It would be cool to see Rihanna with au naturele.

        Btw have you ever been to a natural hair meetup in your city? I know I am looking for one myself currently. Have you been to a Natural Hair Expo? This question is also directed to Aulelia. Do they hold Natural Hair Expos in the UK?

  3. I don’t know I’m really not feeling the color for her. Sometimes it looks okay and sometimes it doesn’t . I agree with you that you really have to work it and have confidence to rock this color. I’m not saying it looks completely horrible but I’m also not thrilled about it. I also heard she changed her hair color to red due to the movie shes been shooting.

    • Yes I agree with you both. If you are going to wear a bright or bold hair color, you got to be fully confident and know you look fierce with it. I am not crazy about bold hair colors but for some it does not look bad on them. I know Rihanna likes to play with her hairstyles and fashion. If you are the artsy type, it is easier to be in an industry that allows for experimentation than any standard mod per day.

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