How To Protect Your Hair From Split Ends

I am a regular victim when it comes to split ends and to help me with the issue I’ve been cutting my ends little by little every month to help with the problem. I can actually see some progress especially after taking my hair out of my protective style (kinky twist). My hair is starting to coil and curl at the ends like it use to, and I have to say I’m pretty happy. But with winter on its way here in the states it’s a good idea to seal your ends to prevent them from splitting, and all you need is your favorite conditioner and Castor oil.

Just add the Castor oil to your conditioner and let it sit for about 5 to 8 minutes or if you want you can deep condition. The Castor oil strengthens your hair while adding shine and moisture. Some suggest that when rinsing your hair you should use cold water to seal your ends, but if you’re not interested in a cold shower you can use warm water. So stock up on your Castor oil and favorite conditioner and start prepping your hair for the winter.

If you know of other ways to prevent split ends please share!


8 thoughts on “How To Protect Your Hair From Split Ends

  1. And I hate the use of cold water to rinse to seal ends during the fall and winter, brrrr… I have been deciding whether cold or warm water really matters for the hair. Is it just a hair debate? I’ve noticed split ends with my hair even using cold water.

  2. Your hair looks lovely hun! Did you do a twist out? It’s so thick and nice. It kind of remind me of my plait outs days. Sometimes looking at my older pics, I wonder if I should ever had cut. I would have big hair probably by now. No used to crying over senseless matters. Can always grow it out again. 😉 Now on splitting ends, I think it helps to keep a really good moisturizer or leave in especially during the colder climates for the hair. So the hair remains thoroughly conditioned. Have to pamper those ends for sure. If one does not want to get them professionally trimmed, you have to rely on your on eye to trim and hopes that you are getting all the splitters which is hard to do. I can go get my ends trimmed and still see a split end or two on the bathroom sink. I think deep conditioning treatments will help too. I don’t really like Castor Oil. Would you substitute Castor Oil for Aloe Vera instead?

    • Thanks, and no it’s not a twist out that’s just my hair after a wash. If you dont like castor oil why not try Alove Vera I would give it a go. If you do this please let me know how it worked out for you.

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