Essence & Diana Da Costa

I like how Essence is focusing on the many hair types that black women wear and how their becoming more involved in informing women about natural hair. In addition they’ve done many interviews with natural hair guru Diana Da Costa, two of the videos I found very useful is Growing out Relax Hair and How to Loc Hair.  Do you like what Essence is doing?



10 thoughts on “Essence & Diana Da Costa

  1. I flipped through this issue and I saw that a lot of the models (even in the ads) have natural hair. I like it. Cant complain

  2. Yes I enjoy what Essence is promoting and bringing awareness to the black community. This is our times where we are reflecting more on personal growth, inner and outer beauty from a non political standpoint, and embracing further our livelihood and culture. I really liked that they have a strong focus to encourage and show how natural beauty can be. I feel it is important for also our younger generations to incorporate these views and acknowledge beauty comes in all expressions.

    • I agree they do have a strong focus on encouraging women on natural beauty. I hope to see more from them.

      • Likewise. It’s where our culture is turning as far as hair and being open to the beauty of natural hair care and looks. If only this can merge into the corporate media and other aspects like modeling etc to further this embrace. I hope for more strong black magazines to come aboard.

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