Natural of The Week: Libryia

What’s your name?


Where you from?

Born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida now residing in ATL

How long have you been natural?

I’m actually a two-time natural. It’s been two years this time and it was six years the first time.

What made you want to go natural?

I went natural originally in 2001 after witnessing my roommate go from beautiful, healthy curls to hair straighter and shinier than any relaxer I had ever seen. I thought “what’s the point” of having a relaxer if I can achieve the look without it. From 2001 to 2007 I rocked my natural hair with confidence. However, I relaxed my hair near the end of 2007 after moving to Atlanta and experiencing a decline in self-confidence and becoming self-conscious about fitting in at work.

After six months of being a slave to my hairdresser and feeling like I looked like a “regular chick,” I realized that the relaxer had not fixed my issues in the way of self-confidence.  Furthermore, blending in is just not the way to boost confidence.  I thought back to when I was the most confident and it occurred to me that it was after my big chop. So, I big chopped again in May of 2008 and I’ve been a fierce and confident natural ever since.

I’m even more into natural hair now that I’ve launched my own hair-wellness business. It’s called The Curl Station: Where it’s OK to be Tightly Wound. Our mission is to educate on and promote the health, beauty, and diversity of natural hair.

What’s your hair routine?

I’m doing a six month growth challenge at the moment so my regimen is as follows:

Daily: Keep hair in protective styles, cover with bonnet or silk scarf overnight, sleep with a satin pillowcase (b/c apparently I sleep wild and my bonnet is usually on the floor by morning);

Every other Day – Spray hair with water and put leave-in conditioner on to seal in moisture; Weekly – section wash hair, detangle with conditioner, apply leave-in, and style (protective style)

What’s your favorite hair product?

My favorite “product” is WATER!! There is nothing better than water.  I also love honey and one of my favorite products has plenty of it; I can’t live without my Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner.  I’ve been using it since 2002 and it smells amazing, it instantly softens hair and detangles fabulously.

What troubles you most about your hair?

Single strand knots, they are annoying! But, I’ve learned that a good detangling session cuts down on them.

Who is your hair inspiration?

Hmmmm, I have a couple. 1. My sister because of her length; her hair is below bra length and I’m trying to get the patience to grow my hair that long. 2.  Prettydimples01, she’s a phenom on YouTube and she always has great style ideas.  3. Kimmaytube, also a YouTube guru, because she is completely dedicated to the preservation of her hair, so much so that she’s done extensive research and testing to learn the best way to care for HER hair

What advice would you give to newly naturals?

Make sure you understand that you may not be able to care for your hair the same way you did before when it was relaxed. You’ve got to re-educate yourself on caring for your hair and rule #1 is Water is your friend! Additionally, educate yourself on the ingredients to steer clear of. For example a good friend of mine went natural and couldn’t understand why her hair was feeling so dry all the time. Turns out she was putting Pink Oil Moisturizer in it. The main ingredients of Pink Oil are mineral oil and lanolin, both of which block moisture from penetrating the hair. Lastly, have a blast, play with your hair; try out different styles. There are all sorts of fun things you can do with your natural hair at every length! Enjoy your journey!


The Curl Station website will launch in the next few weeks; however, we do have a Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Pages available now. Just type in “The Curl Station” on any of those sites and we will pop up. You will differently being hearing a more from us soon.

* If your interested in becoming “Natural of The Week” please email me at*


6 thoughts on “Natural of The Week: Libryia

  1. Congrats to Libryia to creating her own business, The Curl Station, and continuing to help us with providing education how to care for our beauty, health and hair. Her hair looks wonderful. She is certainly right that water is an important natural resource to help with moisturizing our hair. We learn to stay away from certain ingredients that only brings dryness or breakage, we wil all be OK. For myself I like the idea of going natural and looking for natural ingredients to use in my hair. Kimmaytube is awesome!

  2. You go girl! natural curls are beautiful it just takes time, patience, education and experimenting cause what works for you might not work for me or i should say my daughter 🙂 i luv her hair its so fun!

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