Protective Style: Yarn Twist/Braids

So the last protective style I had my go at was the Kinky Twist and to update on that I actually took them out last night I couldn’t deal with my dry scalp. For right now I’ll be going back to twisting my own hair, but my next protective style try will be Yarn Twist. After doing some reasearch I  found out that you can either twist or braid the yarn in, and yes your actually using yarn in your hair. I couldn’t believe it at first until I started researching but yarn is actually what you use. I decided that I’m going with twisting because it’s easier, takes less time and my hair is too long to braid. I do have my concerns about this styles which are listed below …


  • Yarn is Cheap.
  • Yarn seems like it’ll be easy to twist.
  • The yarn gives you a loc look.


  • Will my hair get along with the texture of yarn (it’s recommended that you use acrylic) but I’m still scared it might break my hair off.
  • Will it loc with my hair, because I’m not trying to do that.
  • Can I wash my hair with the yarn?
  • To seal the ends of the hair it’s recommended you burn them, and with it being acrylic and such I’m not trying to go up in flames.

So those are the list of my Pros and Cons. I’m still  researching and plan on doing this style at the end of the month. If anyone has ever did them or had them please comment and tell me about your experience.

Here’s a video tutorial I found from Kinkycurlycoil.


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