The Afro BedHair Debate

I have always wanted to know just one thing:

What do natural women who have boyfriends/husbands wear to bed? Seriously, a sister wants to know*

* = Not that anyone is interested in me like that. I just saw this stunning picture of Solange at Cassie’s blog with bedhead type hair and it made me wonder how bed hair itself works.

  • If you have picked your Afro hair out for a date and he comes over, do you *seriously* braid it up at night after wellyouknow?
  • If you went out with your husband and it is late at night and you are both exhausted, do you still plait it up before you go to bed?

I think the bedhair look is something beauty marketers push hard because it oozes of the effortless swagger that many women aspire too.

But as we all know, any Afro that is not plaited up at night, regardless of a boy there or not, will cane in the morning. Trust.

What do you think?


6 thoughts on “The Afro BedHair Debate

  1. im still at my twa stage with only 1 yr and couple months of growth. i just throw a scarf on at night and in the morning spray with water and shake it out. My bf is used to seeing my scarf and he dosnt complain.

  2. I’m usually wearing twist so sometimes i put it in a ponytail, sometimes I wear scarf, or sometimes I just leave it loose depending on how I feel. I agree with Kandeezie It’s up to you.

  3. I just pull it up into a lose bun, put a hair band on the front and it looks cute while protecting my hair. Or sometimes just plain tell a dude he’s not the world! It’s up to you.

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