Are You Feeling The Turban?

As you can see below great minds think alike Aulelia did a dissection of Solanges hair wrap/turban outfit which looks amazing by the way! Which brings me to talk about the Turban in general. I”m actually very surprised that the Turban is becoming so popular because it’s been around for years. I actually own a black silk turban that I sleep in, I thought it was cute but I didn’t think twice that it would become a fashion trend. Now we’re seeing all the major celebrities with turbans on their head. I actually love the idea of the turban and find not only cute but a protective style for hair. What do you think? Would you rock a turban? … take the poll below or leave a comment on your thoughts. (P.S. Were obsessed with Solange)


3 thoughts on “Are You Feeling The Turban?

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