Hair Updates

1. As you can see from the first pic I’ve been on my satin scarf game, I think it’s the only thing that keeps the front of my hair smooth.

2. Although I love my 9 hour kinky twist I’m ready for them to be out. I have to wash my scalp at least every week to keep the dandruff away it’s annoying.

3. When I do these kinky twist again I probably wont make them as long.  Also next time I will do a MAJOR deep condition before putting them in. I made the mistake of shampooing my hair before I put these in and I think that’s also the cause of my dandruff.

4. Because I put those 9 hours in on my head I’m going to try to keep these for at least 3 more weeks.


8 thoughts on “Hair Updates

  1. I think your hair looks amazingly great. Does your hair feel heavy? It’s a lot of hair. Great to see this update. As for your scalp, you might have to cleanse your scalp with a wash to prevent further dandruff. And need to wash with some conditioner that prevents dandruff. I just think a good moisturizing conditioner could help and combat the dandruff.

    Tell us about your eye look. It looks like you got some shadow on.

    • Thank You, at first it was very heavy but I think I’m use to it now. I’m definitely going to take your advice on the wash. About my eye look I wear this just about everyday, I have a gold shadow on that I bought for dollar and black eyeliner. When it comes to my eyeliner I’m very heavy with it b/c I try to do an Egyptian look. I also wear clear mascara.

  2. When I see pictures like this, I know I have to step my game up because you are too beautiful. Moving on to your hair, I am still AMAZED that you did those KT’s yourself. Must have been exhausting.

    P/S What skin cream do you use? Please say so we can purchase it lol!

    • Aww thanks “A”. Yes doing my hair was exhausting that’s why next time I’m going to try a shorter look. As for my face I cleanse with Noxzema Clean Blemish Control Daily Scrub and I moisturize with Clean and Clear Dual Moisturizer that’s it really.

      • I will be looking for this Noxzema thing. I hope these products are available abroad ha ha.

        What did your friends and family think of when you did the twists?

        • I got a lot of compliments. I think my mother was really shocked at how good they turned out to be. I just watched some tutorials really and just tried it out and was lucky them came out looking good.

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