The Braid Is Back

The last post I wrote I ranted on the 3 hair trends that I hope would die down soon, and now I’m starting to see a frenzy of new hair trends that are catching my eye. For example the braid is back! From big braid, fishtail braid, side braid the braid is back in many ways and I have to say I like it. I’ve always liked braids because you do so much with them. Here are some braid styles I’m digging at the moment.

Side Braid

The Fishtail Braid

Greek Braid

As always what’s your thoughts on the braid?


5 thoughts on “The Braid Is Back

  1. I know braids are just beautiful and I agree with life journey it reminds you of your roots. My favorite braid is the fishtail and greek braid, i tried to do fishtail a while back and couldn’t get it maybe next time.

  2. Yes braids are so beautiful. The trend is certainly appealing to brink the freshness and originality with different braiding styles. When I think about braids, it takes me back to motherland. The motherland there are variety of natural styles including braids. I remember when I was a little girl. My parents owned this set of children books to which I preoccupied myself daily-reading and looking at the pictures. There was one particular Afrocentric photograph that I loved the beading and braids done on the woman’s hair. Besides the interesting jewelry, the braids were so real. Fishtail braid is so cute to me (THIS IS VERY POPULAR IN HAIR AND FASHION MAGS). But I am feeling the Greek braid too.

    • You know braids are truly from the motherland. I have always adored growing up as a child and even today marvel at little black children in braids. For some reason I rarely see these days. Growing up it was so popular to wear braids with colorful beads on the end of them. I used to wish my mother would do my hair like that. I tried to do my own as I got a bit older and learned to braid my own hair.

      I just watched a youtube fishtail braid tutorial. It looks complicated. Maybe there are others who show it differently and easier. If I had longer hair, I would certainly rock this style. I just tried doing it with the hair I got, and it is not enough hair. haha

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