Trying to take care of your hair when you are *trying* to build a business?

Is this even possible?

It could be:

As some of my loyal Coal miners know, I have finished my resubmission and God willing, I will pass. In the meantime before my results come out, I am working on some projects for my mum and her endeavours and I am trying to build my first actual consulting business based on copywriting.

Yes, this stuff is not a joke, and is incredibly taxing, not just emotionally but physically as well. I am aware because I am spending so much time trying to build my side business, that I need to be taking care of my hair really diligently. But sometimes I f#ck it up, for example, yesterday I was up until 1.15am writing cold emails to potential clients. It is gruelling sending cold emails, and anyone who has done cold calling and cold emailing knows that generating business from scratch is very very difficult, and should not be underestimated.

What this means for my barnet:

What this means for my Afro curls is that I will be taking a break from Afro puffs. As I am typing now at home, I am wearing a headwrap, done in a Ghanaian style in my Tanzania kanga – talk about Pan-Africanism woop! On a serious note, I think I will be doing more and more headwraps and I think eventually, I will probably do a protective styling with extensions such as Kinky Twists in the coming weeks.

And yes, my side business should hopefully grow so I can finally buy a much-needed new camera.

Are any of you trying to grow businesses while stay natural? If so, tell me what you think. Even if you aren’t, please comment on your thoughts.


5 thoughts on “Trying to take care of your hair when you are *trying* to build a business?

  1. I think the idea is to balance. Memphiz is right to do something protective while you need to attend to your business. Wash n gos are always a nice thing. Because you wash, add your ingredients, and go. No worries about too much styling. Let the air naturally style it for you. Remember to nourish the hair while you are busy though. Me too I would love to see these Ghanaian styled headwraps. I would not mind a small side of my own. I am very much into photography. If I could use my work to generate some form of business, it would be nice. Maybe it’s my dream. Natural Geographic here I come. hehe

    • Yes, I so need to show you all the headwraps. I use the east african fabric but try and do it in the Ghanaian style.

      Promise to find a camera and show you all! xxx

  2. I’m in the same boat as you and that’s why I put my hair in kinky twist to take a break. Even with my kinky twist all I do is keep my hair wrapped because I’m constantly working. So I think keeping it wrapped or doing a protective style will be good for you. I would love to see these head wraps of yours. Also if you decide to do kinky twist will you try to do them yourself?

    • I am so taking your advice and doing kinky twists. I just can’t take the stress anymore of doing work all the time and worrying about my hair.

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