3 Hair Trends I Hope Kick The Bucket

1. Shaved Side Heads – When Cassie first shaved her head there were so many mixed reviews, but as the days and weeks seem to pass women all around started to shave the side of their heads. Yes it was cool at some point but now it’s just getting old and over the top … I’m over it.

2. Lace Front Wigs – I think Beyoncé started this trend and  I believe she’s the only one that can truly rock it. Lace fronts became popular overnight, and celebrities like Brandy and Kelly Rowland indulged themselves in the many styles they come in. I seen an article discussing lace fronts on Clutch Mag basically stating that the wigs look ridiculously fake and I have to agree they look nothing natural to say the least and I’ve seen so many celebs that just look horrible in them.

3. Mohawks – I remember back in college 3 years ago just about everyone on campus was rocking a variation of some sort of Mohawk. Even the whole track team at my school was rocking a hawk even to the coaches. I’m not saying Mohawks are particularly a hott mess, I’m just saying I would like to see something new. ( See the combo of shaved head + mohawk)

Are there any I miss?

*P.S. If your interested in becoming Natural of The Week and want to share your hair story hit me up at mjcarter09@gmail.com with the subject line “Natural of The Week”.*


3 thoughts on “3 Hair Trends I Hope Kick The Bucket

  1. I think the thing to merge into the punk arena is quite trendy. I particularly like faux hawks. I guess this is a trend that for me does not need to kick the bucket. You’re right that it is overrated. I just see some people look really posh with a mohawk. It used to be just a punk thing but now all races of people have united on this particular hairstyle.

    those dang BUMPITS! Now that is a style that needs to go!!! I do not know if spikey hair on guys is a trend where you are, some guys in Cali does not let this hair statement die. It has been over a decade with this hair look. I see it and cringe. I would love to see more and more natural hair, afros, dreads, what ever comes natural for you. People should embrace that than the image of what should be expected of them.

  2. Yeah they don’t look good, I will admit that I’ve seen some people pull the look off. But I’m just tired of seeing them.

  3. Definitely agree with and voted for the lace wigs. I am not a huge fan of wigs in general because they usually look fake to me and I can’t imagine anyone’s natural hair not being able to look better than the way they look when they sport the wigs. So, to see all these women all proud to be rockin the lace fronts which r supposed to be such a big deal confuses the hell outta me… especially the women I know who I actually KNOW look so much better w/out all that “extra” =o)

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