Sugar and Baking Soda as Hair Ingredients

When it comes to making up concoctions and recipes for my hair you could say I’ m in the kitchen always trying to whip something up like the Simmons. If you’ve been reading for a while you would know that I’m always complaining about dry scalp, dandruff and buildup. It’s really taking a lot time and patience to try to resolve this problem and it’s making me feel like I’m back in chemistry class.

One experimental recipe that I’ve found works is using the ingredients sugar and baking soda in my conditioner. I add 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of baking soda to my conditioner and co-wash as usual. What the backing soda does is cleanses the hair from buildup kind of like vinegar and the sugar exfoliates my scalp. The result is that my hair feels clean and is free of buildup and I’m dandruff free thanks to the sugar. When using this recipe you have to make sure rinse really well to get the sugar out depending on how your texture is.

Has anyone ever tried sugar and baking soda for your hair?


5 thoughts on “Sugar and Baking Soda as Hair Ingredients

  1. I have heard of a Brown sugar scrub to help clarify your scalp. I have also heard many things about baking soda. Kimmaytube on youtube talks about baking soda plus and minuses and the ph balance and how that works against your hair cuticles etc. may be worth view

    • Yes, I’ve actually tried brown sugar before a long time ago, I don’t remember what it did for my hair. Also with baking soda it is not something you can use everyday at least I don’t recommend, because like you said if used daily it can mess up your ph balance.

  2. I’ve never heard of using sugar as an ingredient for your hair. Baking soda yes, but does the sugar get sticky? I was just imagining a glass of water with sugar dissolving at the bottom. How long have you been making your own concoction at home? I do not make any concoctions. I usually just stick what ingredients I find my hair likes in shampoos and conditioners. There are some hair recipes that I’ve wondered to try. How long does your hair feel cleanse using this concoction as your cowash?

    • My hair actually wasn’t sticky at all and I think it depends on the type of sugar you use or I should say the size of the grain. I’ve been making concoctions back in 2006 when I first became natural. Let me say I am not a professional at all, I’m just all about trying new things and researching. So sometimes my recipes turn out a hott mess. My hair usually feels clean for about week.

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