Why does Nicky Minaj’s hair polarise people?

Nicki Minaj charges people off in many ways: those faux accents when she is rapping, her gorgeous but controversial look. Then there is her ‘is she, or isn’t she’ bisexuality issues.

I have covered Nicki Minaj’s hair before. It is exciting to watch each new video or appearance of hers because her hair is like sugary icing on top of a wedding cake – so bright and sometimes too sweet. It’s also like she has gone to the painters and purchased all the cans of Dulux available, dousing her black Afro hair in all colours.

It’s a look reminiscent of the once mighty Lil Kim, but also injected with a signature Minaj kookiness that would not leave her out of place in Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. Nicki Minaj is asking, in a subtle way with her hair, she is asking black women if they want to use their hair as a podium to be wild, wanton and almost like a rebellious teenager.

How Nicki Minaj has crafted her hair persona is part of her career and that is a facile point to make. If anything, she is showing that the black hair experience is more than just tired debates about the same old relaxed vs natural, but doing what you want with your hair.

The problem is, is this look aspirational? Most women who would walk into work a pink Minaj-esque wig would look like bell ends. Sometimes her hair looks do look too contrived, but is contrived better than safe?


8 thoughts on “Why does Nicky Minaj’s hair polarise people?

  1. I’ve never heard her speak with an accent but I will have to check it out. I’m not too much of a fan with the over exaggerated words and I don’t know what she’s talking about half the time. But I do love the art of rap, it’s close to poetry.

      • Yeah that’s what everyone said about Drake. But he’s doing well. I’m sure Lil Wayne won’t have her coming out with nothing that ain’t tight. She’s the only female rapper that’s doing something right now.

    • Standing out is really great but there is a danger that she becomes ‘relicised’ in society (kind of like how Lady Gaga is seen as a moving artefact).

      I love the individuality but adding some ‘normal’ juice makes it easier to relate to your fans as well. Gaga does this at times when she doesnt
      wear sunglasses at interviews (WTF is with sunglasses at interviews?)

      Nicky is cute. Let’s see how the album does but I think it will be successful. She has a lovely style about her when she raps
      but the faux UK accent needs to die. LOL.

  2. @M.U.A.H 314, thanks for commenting 🙂

    I am a trainee journalist, and I am really pleased you liked the essay. Do you think Minaj’s hair looks can be too wild?

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