4 Cheap Conditioners for Co-washing

1. Suave – I started off using Suave back when I had just started going natural my favorite scent is the Tropical Coconut. It runs for about $3.49 has great slip, great to leave in while your on the go, and good for combing thru the hair.

2. Pantene Relaxed and Natural – For one its specifically made for women of color, conditions, nourishes, and on top that has a great smell. This product runs for about $7.00.

3. Garnier Fructis Moisture Works – This is conditioner is very creamy, and very good for combing thru the hair. On top of that it’s known for moisturizing and that’s exactly what it does. It runs for about $6.00.

4. Vo5 – One of the cheapest and greatest for slip and deep conditioning. I actually use the silky brand because it’s a lot more creamier and easy to comb thru my hair. This runs anywhere between $3 to $5 depending where you buy.

Am I missing any other cheap conditioners?


8 thoughts on “4 Cheap Conditioners for Co-washing

  1. I find that Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition is an excellent conditioner. I also like the Aussie Moist Conditioner which is cheap. Have anyone ever tried the Tresemme Naturals? I’ve looked at it but have wondered how good the conditioner. I was eyeing this weekend the Yes to Carrots! Don’t you know that Ross retail stores sell Yes to Carrots for a good price. I want to think like $3 to $4. Conditioner and Shampoo they also have it in tomatoes version.

    • I haven’t tried Aussie or Tresemme I’ll have to try them. I heard Yes to Carrots had a tomatoes version I wonder does it smell like tomatoes.

      • Aussie Moist Conditioner smells really good. I use the 3 minute miracle deep conditioner as a cowash and the 3 minute miracle sydney smoothing treatment as a leave-in. I sneaked a smell of the Yes to Carrots tomatoes version, it does not smell like tomatoes. But I would prefer the orange or cucumber scents.

    • Yes Pantene R&N works do you have that product where you live? and I’m surprised you don’t have Suave it’s probably just an American product I’;ll have to look into it.

    • I’ve seen from reviewing inside of Black Beauty & Hair that you all advertise and sell some interesting hair products even for organic, natural products. Have you ever heard of Anita Grant products? They are sold in the UK but they also ship to international addresses. I’m curious about this company’s natural products. Some of the photos look yummy on the website.

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