Is Solange’s Afro Hair Swagger A Bit… ‘Pretentious?’

{Images seen at natural-belle}

I love the pictures here, and I think she looked stunning at the Luca Luca show. She is a beautiful girl. However, more and more people seem to think she is using natural hair just as a cover etc and that it is not really her. I don’t think anyone can say someone is really being fake or whatever without knowing them, and I do think she looks stunning, but has natural hair become a celebrity fad now?

I’d love to know what you think?

[Note: BRAP! I am back, me & memphiz are going to be running Charcoal Ink with too much swagger, you better watch out. Dissertation is finished, and I am back to my true love: the coal!]

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5 thoughts on “Is Solange’s Afro Hair Swagger A Bit… ‘Pretentious?’

  1. Interesting, I was thinking about this as well. I don’t think she is being pretentious, but I can see why some could think that. She used to dress sort of uninteresting and wear straight weave, she wasn’t that special it seems all of a sudden she has blossomed into this quirky stylish naturalista, some people might think she’s just doing it to be ‘different’. I don’t care about the reasoning behind her transition- she’s doing her and she looks INCREDIBLE

  2. Personally, I would LOVE to see natural hair become a celebrity fad. Mainstream exposure would show the world how fabulous our natural locks truly are! Also, I think it would inspire more women to go natural, and many would probably end up sticking with it.

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