Amerie’s New Blonde Hairdo

So if you haven’t already seen it around the net Amerie went for a drastic color change to blonde. Now like I always say I’m always down for trying something new when it comes to hair, it doesn’t necessarily mean it looks good but experimenting I guess doesn’t hurt. According to HelloBeautiful.Com Amerie reason behind going blonde is …

I’ve always wanted to go platinum blonde, and I figured I’d finally just do it,” she says “One of the things that inspired me are photos I’ve seen of children in the Solomon Islands. They are very brown-skinned, and a lot of them grow white-blonde hair naturally. The contrast in dark skin tone and extremely light hair is really beautiful to me. So I just went for it!”

Personally I think Amerie is beautiful no matter what but I think she looks better with darker hair. I also think it’s interesting she mentioned the Solomon Islands and how the people there have blonde hair, which I agree is intriguing and beautiful.

What’s your thoughts on the new hair?

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6 thoughts on “Amerie’s New Blonde Hairdo

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  2. i’m sorry. i just cant get over the fact that she cut off all her gorgeous hair….am i alone on this? am i the only one that noticed? bc i havent heard anyone mention it. not even on other blog sites or even on Perez Hilton.

    • I noticed that as well Katrina, I am a bit surprised. Amerie’s first two records were corkers. I am surprised she is not more popular.

    • Not alone totally agree with you most people haven’t said much about the cut but I think that b/c people were focusing on her drastic hair cut.

  3. I agree that Amerie will always look beautiful. The darker do is better in my opinion. Then again she could have looked good as a red head or a soft brown. See I think a soft brown would have been better because blonde is a big contrast and change. Live it to love it. Life is about doing things that you can enjoy and never have to look back and say ah I wished I had done that.

    I googled the children of Solomon Islands which they are just adorable. They almost remind me of the Aborigines of Australia. I wonder how the people of Solomon Islands care for their natural tresses. Many I see are with short to medium curly platinum blonde to brown afros. 🙂 Heck I even wonder Amerie would look like with natural hair.

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