Troy Polamalu’s Hair

So for those of you that don’t know Troy Polamalu is a football player here in the US he’s not only known for his football skills but his hair. I came across an article on the Washington Post that states that Polamalu is getting his hair insured for 1 million. All I have to say is his hair is crazy beautiful, according to the article he hasn’t cut his hair since 2000.

Do you like men with long hair?


11 thoughts on “Troy Polamalu’s Hair

  1. Wow. His hair is amazing. I think I saw him once on a list made on AOL of weirdest/oddest hairstyles on athletes, which I thought was a bit uncalled for, since most of the styles weren’t weird to certain people, like Polamalu’s hair and some other athletes’ fros. On whether I like men with long hair or not, I also feel that it depends on the guy and whether long hair looks nice on him.

    • Yeah the whole AOL things does seem uncalled for and I agree on the long hair it all depends on the man.

  2. well, considering most men are hairier generally, it makes perfect sense that what comes out of their heads is more resilient is just as thick and fast growing. also, they tend not to do as much with their hair as women, so its probably not as stressed and has room to thrive. we women are stuck in a bizaare situation, wanting lots of hair in some places and none in others!

    i remember reading something once where a black woman said the only people she saw loving their natural ‘afros’ were from women from Samoa and other South Pacific islands. his hair is gorgeous nonetheless.

    • That’s very true men don’t do much with their hair, you know women always trying to look good. I’ve never really heard much about the Samoan culture but I definitely want to look into it now.

  3. To add to that I read somewhere that the testosterone level (more of) generates hair growth. I do not know if it is myth or fact. Some argue for and against that this certain hormone found in both males and females has some tendency to help with how the body grows hair.

    • It depends on the man if I would like him with longer hair. Some men look mighty sexy with long hair. I tend to like short to medium hair on men. Then I like mohawk guys (not punk) too or faux hawks also those with styles of their own but not over the top. I think I would play in this one’s hair all the time. He’ll be my live baby doll. LOL 😉

  4. All I can say is WOW! He plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I saw it the other day on Yahoo Headline news. It always a curiosity and surprises me how some men hair grow much faster and thicker than a woman’s hair. It’s so wild and curly. I was wondering how does he get it all under a helmet. Could you imagine him wearing cornrows or two strand twists? In my honest opinion, it’s a lovely lion mane but it’s too much. His hair must take a long time to dry as well, it’s so thick! All that hair grown in 10 years. Wow. If he ever wants to cut it, he should donate it to the Locks of Love.
    Is he Filipino or from the islands like Hawaii? He looks Samoan.

    Wonder what products he uses? 😉

    • I wish he could give some of that hair. I do agree with you that it is a lot. I read in the Washington Post that he is Samoan. If he does cut he should donate but I dont know if he’s going to that anytime soon now that his hair is insured.

      • I second that. The fact his hair is worth $1 mil is a lot. I wondered why he considered it. Was lot of press and media after his locks? Locks of Love would do wonders with all his long mane. I still would like to know his hair regimen. Him being Samoan, if there is a cultural way how they maintain their hair and any homemade concoctions.

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