4 Stunning Black Women on VOGUE Magazine Covers

4. Beyoncé : Vogue America

3. Halle Berry: Vogue America

2. Rose Cordero: Vogue Paris

1. Noémie Lenoir: Vogue Paris

Am I the only one who might have to get a subscription to Vogue Paris judging from the smoking hot covers of Rose & Noemie? Which one is your favourite? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “4 Stunning Black Women on VOGUE Magazine Covers

  1. I like Beyonce’s natural look. Her skin is flawless and glowing. Very beautiful. Then I like Halle’s style with the bob and smokey eye. Noemie’s cover is killer! Screams sex appeal. Out of these three, I like Halle. I love bob hairstyles for starters, and I think that Halle always look good on covers. I wished they had her standing instead of leaning on her hand or looking up at her from a floor angled view.

  2. It was so hard to choose between Beyonce and Noémie. I like how Beyonce cover looks very fresh and simplistic but then I like how Noemie cover looks sexy. Good post!

    • Tell me about it!!!

      I see you have the Beyonce bug now ha ha, knew I’d get you eventually.

      I love Noemie’s cover the most, because it is so coquettish.

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