Natural of The Week: Monica

Whats your name?

Monica, monicajoi on YouTube

Where you from?

Raised in Michigan but now I live in Atlanta, Georgia.

How long have you been natural?

Three years give or take, I did a long transition.

What made you want to go natural?

I hated the money and time I wasted in salons, my fine hair was dry,had no body and I finally realized I had a choice.

Whats your hair routine?

I co-wash weekly or bi-weekly depending on my style.( I shampoo once a month.) I moisturize with Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream and seal with Lil Better Butter.I almost always style my hair while its still wet. I pre-poo depending on how dry my hair feels that week.

Whats your favorite hair product?

I’m biased, Lil Better Butter because I make it (free) but V05 conditioner is close second because it 99 cents, LOL.

What troubles you most about your hair?

After three years, I’ve decided my hair isn’t the problem it’s probably something I’m doing or not doing to it or for it. I am also a puff monster so if I can’t do anything else I make a puff. 😀

Whose your hair inspiration?

Jill Scott and everyone else I ever saw in my life with a fire natural ‘do.

What advice would you give to newly naturals?

Moisturize, Research and be honest with yourself. Many people think cutting off relaxed hair will transform them into a new person. You will be the same person with short hair, so don’t plan to become a home stylist if you haven’t been practicing or plan to make a big change.

You can visit Monica at her blog and Youtube site:

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3 thoughts on “Natural of The Week: Monica

  1. Ah she is living in ATL. Fly. I am from Georgia. Thank you Monica. It is always again very informative and good to read other natural beauties’ hair regimen and their decision to become a natural. It’s so true that people feel a BC will completely change who they are but BC does not change your insides. You are still who you are. Even if your philosophy and/or outlook changes about beauty and standards, you will always be you. I think it is an important point. Some grow to still hate it and themselves after they cut all their hair off. I did not do a BC. I just let my relaxer grow out. Moisture is everything!

  2. I agree. Monica’s hair is beautiful. I agree on her hair tip about the hair needing moisture that’s what my hair suffers the most from.

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