Should Errol Douglas have thought twice before saying this?

I only caught this, after Angel at the Natural Lounge posted a feature interview that Errol Douglas did for Lime Magazine. For my US heads, Douglas is one of the eminent black hairdressers in the United Kingdom.

Check out Angel’s blog to the full link of the interview, but here is what he said in an interview with Lime Magazine:

Q: What is your advice to women with natural hair who find it difficult to vary their hairstyles without committing to a perm?

A:Shave it off. Forget it, no ones interested – only joking. Natural hair that is healthy looks beautiful and amazing. Natural hair that is dry, needs combing out and is picky is awful. It’s not flattering is it?

Wow, wow, wow, wow.

This is just not what we need. What is going on with the figureheads who are supposed to have their heads screwed on? I had a lot of respect for Douglas as he had succeeded in the UK (even awarded an MBE) by the Queen, but come on, this is not acceptable talk.

‘No ones interested’ — >>>> tell that to Carol’s Daughter, Miss Jessie’s, Mixed Chicks, Kinky Curly and all the other hair brands who are targeting natural-headed girls who have money to spend on their beautiful hair.

This is disappointing but hardly surprising.

Innovate or die. The relaxer hair industry is on the decline, the reports prove this. Let’s put our thinking caps before we speak.


2 thoughts on “Should Errol Douglas have thought twice before saying this?

  1. Yeah instead of him giving us tips or advice he shuts us down by saying get rid of it. Not cool.

    • It’s just bad for business. Naturals have a *LOT* of spending power (Solange etc). I can’t follow someone who makes comments that are bad for business.

      MBE or not, Douglas is not on our side.

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