Yes To Carrots

I was told about this product called “Yes To Carrots” a couple of months ago by a friend and decided to check it out at the store today. From the looks of it the product seems like it would be really good for natural hair. But before I decide to buy I figured I should check it out online and check out reviews. This is what I’ve found …

1. Most of the ingredients are organic and include ingredients such as Dead Sea Mud, Organic Sweet Potato & Organic Pumpkin, and of course Carrots.

2. The product also caters to three hair types: Normal to Dry, Color Treated and Limp, Fine or Thin.

3. It’s known for moisturizing and softening the hair.

4. Yes To Carrots is affordable a bottle of conditioner is $8.99.

5. Sadly it’s only sold in US.

So after doing a little research I’ve deciding that I’m going to buy Yes To Carrots and see for myself.

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5 thoughts on “Yes To Carrots

  1. I really love the “Yes to…” products!
    It’a a great & affordable natural line, I’ve tried the Yes to Tomatoes shampoo, the Yes to carrots eye cream and their lipbalms and honestly I like all of them!
    They have a subtle smell, can’t really tell what is it but it’s very natural too..

    I live in Italy and they are sold in Sephora stores:

    but unfortunately I know there are no Sephora stores in England

  2. Yeah I’m definitely going to let you know what I think. I’m going to first try the Normal and Dry line. Also Target is actually where I went to check out the product, but I’ll definitely try Ulta I’m always looking for a deal. Youtube is really good for reviews that’s where I go also.

  3. Also you know what I tend to do for additional research is view Youtube product reviews (if the product researching on is available) to get firsthand opinions. However I know everyone hair is not alike and may respond different to same product. It’s what I do. I like to read and listen to our beauties about products, fashion, makeup, etc. LOL

  4. You will have to let us know your personal product review on Yes to Carrots. I know I reviewed another natural hair beauty who also has tried the Cucumber Yes to Carrots product. I think she really likes this product as well. I am curious about it myself. I’ve seen it sold in Target retail also Ulta. Ulta has great deals with products sometime like if you buy one full price product and can get the next one certain percent off or free. Just a resource, not trying to solicit here. 🙂
    I wonder if it smells good.

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