Work is killing my hair

How do you stop working too hard to the detriment of your hair?

I’m looking for any great advice for this because seriously, the next 3 weeks are going to be really hard. In the final stages of resubmitting my project, moving house, need to find a job.

How do remember to take care of your hair if you are so stressed about work and life?


5 thoughts on “Work is killing my hair

  1. Hair to me personally is my essence. I feel good hair therapeutically when I’ve taken care of it and myself in the process. Meaning you take time for yourself if only 10-15 minutes doing something like listening to your favorite music, reading a book, drinking your favorite drink, lighting a candle (I think help many people to relax), and go play in the water (shower to wash and condition the hair). The upkeep must continue regardless of our weekly stressors such as you say completing project, moving house, and needing to find job. See finding a job is my current stressor. I still lavish in the idea of taking care self and my hair. You must because it is essentially your health here.

    I do agree with Aisha in regards to wearing protective styles until you’re able to attend to it more. Even then wearing it a protective style still requires some work on our part… like adding a braid spray product to give it moisture or leave-in to help nourish it. I did this when I wore braids with extensions. With the twists to take care of it so it does not come undone. And you can always pull your hair back in accessories like headbands, scarves, hair clips (bows, H & M sells beautiful hair clips with feathers, rhinestone jewelry), for decorative look but keeping it maintained. I would not suggest anything that pulls too tightly on your hair. Hence why I don’t wear braids with extensions often. I am a tender head.

      • Hmm… I say that I’ve only worn my hair in braids with extensions for about 4-5 times. They were cornrow style with a side part or just straight back. The last time I had them done was probably in 2007 or 2008. My ex coworker did them for me. They did not last in my hair. I don’t think she braided my real hair and extensions really well. She did not charge, lucky that. I would have been pissed.

        • I used to braid my natural hair without extensions a lot when I was transitioning from a relaxer to being natural. Even when I was a natural, I would still braid my hair back especially during the summer.

  2. I put it away in braids or twists with extensions so the hair is completely protected. This way, it still looks cute and you don’t have to worry about it.

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