Humidity + Hair

This weekend I flew out to Chicago here in the US to pick out my bridesmaid dress for my friend’s wedding, and let me tell you it is so hot here. It’s not only hot but very humid and I feel like a steamed vegetable. It’s so hot that my hair or I should my scalp is sweating which is ruining my hair. Also when my hair tends to sweat it smells. Does anyone have the same problem when it comes to the heat? I’ve tried doing the whole water bottle with some conditioner added but it’s so not working. Does anyone have any solutions or am I just out of luck.


23 thoughts on “Humidity + Hair

  1. I would suggest washing your hair with shampoo and/or conditioner before you enter the more humid climates. Sometimes I do wonder (hence no hair expert) if some of the product buildup including our natural hair oils contribute to the smell of our hair or the lack of keeping it washed and conditioned often. Georgia is as humid and hot during the summer season. While I was there, if I stayed in the heat too often. My hair would feel wet but I did not notice any smell. I only noticed the smell from the flat iron due to wearing my hair straight.

    Perhaps use fragrant yet natural, organic shampoos and conditioners to help with the scent of your hair. I know some natural hair beauties will tie down their hair in the heat with a beautiful scarf. Then you may need ways to stay cool like using an umbrella if you’re walking outdoors to protect you from the unbearable sun. See I am doing wash n gos currently. I would be dang shocked if my hair start smelling from doing this daily regimen.

    • What type of gel would you suggest? I’ve tried Eco Styler Olive Oil and KCCC which I still get shrinkage but not frizziness. Personally I don’t like gel but if I have to use it would be KCCC. I have not found one that I really love to try often. And it’s said once hair is wet/damped, apply what products you need for the hair but don’t fuss with it. Added fuss (like pulling, fluffing) = frizzball head. Let it airdry naturally. I had to learn this over the past year because I used to touch and pull on my hair. But for the longest I would wear braidouts. Washed in the evening and braid hair, dry in the morning and undo the braids. Tip: Make sure any braids or two strand twists are completely dry before taking them down.

  2. I have this problem too, and unfortunately haven’t figured out a solution. I especially hate the sweaty scalp smell, yuck. My hair may not need a strong shampoo, but my scalp does, probably like twice a week. Humidity wreaks havoc in my hair- sweaty, frizzy and shrunken.

    Sorry I can’t be more help. All I can suggest is more frequent scalp shampoos and styles that keep the hair stretched, such as cornrows, flat twists, french braids, etc. I would not suggest leaving the hair completely out. Hope this helps.

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