Trim or Not to Trim

The ends of my hair are really split, they do have a bit of a curl to them but they just look so worn out. I cut two inches off about 6 months ago and I really don’t want to cut again. I’ve been searching for another solution but I don’t know what can bring my ends back to looking normal. If I do have to cut them I think I’ll wait a couple of more months before I do. Also I’ve read that people with natural hair shouldn’t cut it … true or false?

Anyone have any solutions or ideas?

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3 thoughts on “Trim or Not to Trim

  1. My hair is going through the exact same thing just now….but I so don’t want to trim because, I just had mine trimmed about 6 weeks ago, and the back; which is usually the longest part, is now the shortest part.
    A hairdresser friend once told me that you don’t really need to get your hair trimmed regularly, it’s just something they say to get you coming back and putting money in their pocket. However I though that same as Auleila, and I’m pretty sure it will split right up the hair shaft….who has the answers!?

    • Oh geez, I don’t know what to do with my hair i really dont want to trim it. I’m going to have to research about the spliting of the shaft.

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