Is Twitter replacing Afro hair commentary from blogs?

Well is it?

I think this is a really interesting topic. I am a Twitterer for my Masters project (vox-popPRcareers) but I don’t tweet that often for Charcoal Ink. Should I be tweeting more often? I just don’t have the energy to do so, but I know that I need to be tweeting about black hair, if that is where the young black people are talking about hair.

Is Twitter really going to replace blogs?

Memphiz is doing an excellent job of discussing hair on Charcoal Ink. One thing I have noticed, and I have mentioned in passing is that Twitter has exploded for black hair and I think it is probably bigger than Facebook on the hair circuit (am I right or wrong?). In this respect, Twitter is really important.

Another trend I have noticed, aside from hair, is that lots of young people are setting up Twitter accounts to post their thoughts as opposed to blogging.

I don’t think blogging is dead but what I do think Twitter has done, is it has basically meant bloggers have to step up their game. It’s not about blogging for the sake of it, but blogging because you have a voice.

I love Twitter for vox-popPRcareers, it is has been so important. Once I finish my resubmission, I will be tweeting more for Charcoal Ink.

What do you think, are blogs now irrelevant if you are all tweeting and facebooking about your hair?

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3 thoughts on “Is Twitter replacing Afro hair commentary from blogs?

  1. I don’t think Twitter would take over blogs on natural hair, b/c our hair requires in depth discussions and explanations whereas Twitter seems like it’s more for brief thoughts.

  2. Awww thanks, and I agree with you it seems like Twitter is taking over. I also think Twitter is becoming popular because it’s an easy and simple way to express yourself.

    • Twitter seriously has taken over though, and I find that really really interesting.

      Do you think naturals want the short bursts of opinion on whats cracking with their hair? It’s something that I have noticed too.

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