Hair Routine

This weekends hair routine consisted of a shampoo with Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat. I conditioned with Pantene’s for Relaxed & Natural, and lastly did an oil treatment with Jojoba Oil.

I’m seriously going to keep this routine and do it every two weeks. Although I might take the shampooing out of the routine because I don’t want to strip my hair. The reason I like this routine for one is because it left my hair and scalp squeaky clean and moisturized. On top of that the hot oil treatment with the Jojoba oil left my hair soft and shiny. Also my coily curls also seemed to be more defined.

I wore my hair out for two days and then the second day twisted it up.

Anyone have any suggestions for routines?

*Please excuse the facial expression I think I was feeling myself too much. *


3 thoughts on “Hair Routine

  1. Thanks. Pantene is very good. The Relaxed & Natural Pantene is made for our hair and very good slip making it easy to detangle, along with that it makes your hair soft and moisturized. By range what do you mean?

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