Noemie Lenoir is Back: ELLE USA July 2010 Shoot

{all images from thefashionspot forum user tarsha}

Wow, so happy I stumbled across this ELLE USA magazine shoot of our gorgeous Noemie. She looks incredible. I am so happy that she has come back hard grafting from her horrendous ordeal earlier this year.

I have always held her in high esteem. Does anyone remember that Karl Lagerfeld debate I showed on Charcoal Ink a while ago? She held her ground so beautifully and argued the case for black people’s viability in fashion.

To cut a long story short, she represents and those people will always get love from me. Keep reading to see more pictures of the shoot:

Wow, I love that glass dress/non-dress thing she is wearing! It’s like icicles, lovely. I like her curls too.

Looks to me like Noemie’s hair is dyed a sort of auburn brown and black. Either way she looks really brilliant?

Glad to see her back on the scene and with her natural locks!


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