Twists have created a quiff in my hair!

Ha, so yesterday I unravelled some new twists I did in my hair. And here are 5 things I noticed about the results:

1. Gel does work to create some sort of hold, but I know it is a taboo and controversial product for many naturals so *shhh* don’t grass on me girls!

2. For some reason, the twists I do at the sides of my head always come out stronger than the ones at the front or the back regardless of how much product is used in my hair.

3. Twists in the back of my hair are STILL bollocks and I am convinced I just can’t crack that bit yet. Might have to just work on that one day.


The quiff effect happened when I unravelled. I need to work on getting a camera so I can show you lot, as my old one broke but it was really wicked in a way!


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