Which part of your hair grows the fastest?

I’d love to get a few votes on this poll if you lot would take part please. [Email & RSS Subscribers, please click through to do the poll]

My take:

For me, the front always grows longer and faster than the back. I am really starting to wonder exactly why this is. The good thing of recent times if my hair on the sides is getting stronger, so 3 huzzahs for that.

I’d love to here all you lot’s takes on which parts for you grow the fastest.

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4 thoughts on “Which part of your hair grows the fastest?

  1. My hair is pretty much even throughout but I feel the back grows faster, but my hair texture is also different in the back.

  2. I don’t know about the rest of everyone but for me I feel the right side of my hair grows fastest. My front hair grows fast too. It’s odd but this is how my hair is. A mind of its own! Yet it has a voice all the time screaming to get it right. LOL 🙂 I try to make sure I massage my scalp all over because I was told blood coming to your scalp helps with growth. Even when I shampoo to just use pads of the fingers instead of nails. Gently massage the poo in your hair.

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