Does trimming your own Afro hair work?

When I think of the glory days of my natural hair [2007], I remember that cutting my hair then, my hair has not seen the growth that it experienced then. I do think this is in part to the fact I ebb and flow with taking care of it, so this did affect growth.


Does me trimming it actually f### up growth? I am wondering if this is the case.

Here are 3 reasons why I think it does mess it up:

1. ‘Bad’ scissors: I don’t have hairdresser scissors. Does this matter? Please confirm or deny!

2. Not knowing where to cut: I do cut off the split ends, but then sometimes I reckon, eff it, should I just chop the whole thing off?

3. Frequency: Some people say 8 weeks, some say every now and then — who has the answer?

Now, I am not saying this is the gold standard for everyone but I do think it is affecting me completely. In hindsight, why did I cut my hair in ’07 when it won’t grow the F back?

I know I need to continue trimming my hair because I don’t want split ends to kill growth but still, it’s a frustrating journey.

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6 thoughts on “Does trimming your own Afro hair work?

  1. I really dont trust salon stylist so I do my own haircare. I dont have a regular trimming schedule. I trim when my ends feel rough. I have had great hair growth, about .5 inches a month, and I believe thats due to NOT trimming it all the time, only when it needs it. Also I do recommend getting trimming shears

  2. Then again you have others who never cut their hair at all, not even for a trimming. I am not sure if there is a clear answer other than it is up to one’s preference. Which it is ironic because they said hair is dead anyways. Dead hair growing alright. haha I never could wrap my head around it. I know the hair at our roots is always growing. They say this about our nails too yet it still grow.

  3. I really think to maintain growth (hence I am no hair expert) I think you got to use proper care. If it means only seeing a stylist to trim your ends, you must do what it takes. With this see someone who knows a lot about the care of natural, curly ethnic hair. My hair stylist does great with keeping my hair trimmed and also a cute style. I reverse back and forth between my curls and wearing it straight.
    If you are going to trim yourself, I would recommend looking at youtube tutorials of those who are doing RIGHT. I used to trim my own ends before I went back to a stylist last year. I felt my hair was growing rather slow but it was past my shoulders. I thought it should have been longer because I’ve been a natural for about 9 or so years at that point… which I was growing my hair longer to its full potential. Since I have it in a style, it grows rather fast now. My stylist will cut my hair every 2 months so I guess about 8 or 9 weeks. She feels since I’ve been coming to her, my hair looks in top notch condition each time I come for a trim.

    Some believe trimming your hair is a must because it gets rid of damaged hair, split ends, or just give your hair maintenance. I do believe even when I had a relaxer, my hair would grow fast from trimming it.
    Try not to have any regrets. The more you do the more you stress the more you weaken your hair. I wondered when I cut my hair last year, should I or did I turn my back on growing my hair long goal? I said F*** it my hair cut looks dang good. I am not going to trip off the length. Less stress, lots of water, vitamins, proper diet/exercise and good hair products (products to help with moisture) are some things to think about in my opinion to promote healthy growing hair. If your hair was the length it was in 2007, there is no reason to doubt that it can’t now. What were you doing differently than now?

    • I am just worried I will go 2 a hair salon and they will fuck up my hair. I think at this rate, I think when I go back to LDN, I will go to a posh black hair salon just to see what their trims are like.

      Has your hair been growing at a good rate since she cuts it every 2 months?

      You are so right about not stressing on the hair. I do think I EFFED it up but I want to get it back to how it was.

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