An analysis of a twist & braid out I did

Last week, my hair was in a twist and braid out. I didn’t write about it because I wanted to see the curls, if any, when I took them out on the weekend.

[Working on getting a digicam, coals trust!] The front were braided because I was feeling determined, but braiding the back was starting to strain my arms. I was doing it in batches as well: braiding for a few hours whilst watching Entourage, then getting bored. I think this had an effect on whether it looked nice or not.

I think it looked alright, not spectacular, and certainly not Beyonce-esque curls, not that I was hoping it would look like that. I think what I have learned is the following:

  • Twists and braids together do look odd. I thought it would look different but cool but it just looks uneven, so no!
  • Just get it over with in one go. Braiding and breaking and braiding is cumbersome and I noticed I lost will power afterwards.
  • The front looked cute, but the back just felt so short.

What have been your experiences so far with twist and braid outs? I need to focus on making a better one.

Products I used: some found in my mum’s room. A softsheen carson serum and a Luster’s gel of some sort. They held the twists and braids well though.

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2 thoughts on “An analysis of a twist & braid out I did

  1. I can’t stand doing braid-outs on my hair because one it consumes so much time and like you I get tired of braiding. I prefer twist outs because it’s easier to twist the hair and looks better.

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